Hero in Me



Close your eyes and think back when you were a child. What did you want to be? What were your dreams? What did you want to do? Close your eyes now and think back. Now open your eyes. What then had you aspired to be. For me, I knew instantly what I had aspired to be.

A Super Hero!

A Wonderwoman!

When I was a child, my mother owned a small grocery store (tyangge in our local dialect) and I’m obliged to help her in selling. She was also a dressmaker and I‘m always by her side to assist considering that I’m the only girl in the family. In return, my mother would buy for me comic books every Sunday, the market day in our town. Before I go to sleep, I used to read comics and dreamed to be one of those characters.

In all the action stories that I read, there were two distinct patterns.  First, there was always a battle between evil and good. The battle was always tough, always a close call. No matter how strong or how many powers the Super Hero had, evil will push him to the very limit and most of times almost defeated him. Second, the Super Hero was never paid for this contribution to the society, he always earned his living in his alter ego.

Superman made money as Clark Kent, a newspaper reporter.

Batman made money as rich industrialist.

Spiderman made money as Peter Parker, a photographer.

Ironman made money as Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries.

None of them were paid being a Super Hero and the contributions they made as superheroes.Didn’t you realize that the real superheroes don’t get paid for the Super Hero stuff. I’m working in this country to support my family and I don’t expect anything in return. Sometimes, I help strangers in need. I realized that this is also superhero stuff. My dream has been realized. Doing anything beneficial that takes time, effort, energy or resources and where you expect no monetary return is Super Hero stuff.

You!  You! You!

You’ve got Super Hero stuff too.


Helping a strangers in need


Sometimes even just listening to a friend

Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.

 Everybody is a superhero in their own story.

Use your powers well, you are a Super Hero!

*Note: This was my final speech in communication skills class at Filipino Digerati Association, thanks to my mentors! 


a candid pose with one of my mentors… 

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