Say Nothing At All


“Words can hurt or heal what did yours today?”

In a beautiful city where the tallest building, the biggest mall, the most luxurious hotels, the most beautiful garden, the most amazing architectures and currently the winning bidder for Expo 2020, lives an average employee like myself. Like other Pinays and expats, we are enjoying the luxuries and beauty of the city yet facing tough times keeping up with the hectic and extravagant lifestyle. The high cost of accommodation rent leaves us no choice but to live sharing with friends or even strangers. For almost six years i used to live with my close friends but due to consequences of my new work, I decided to transfer to the nearest place to my work to save time and of course the luxury of waking up later than usual.

In this new place, I met different characters. Each one struggling to make a living and for one common purpose “to support their families back home.”  Everyday we face different challenges with work, finances and even keeping relationships. It is difficult to find true friends here, that’s the painful truth. Even keeping a long term relationship with your significant other is a tough one. Maybe that’s just the way it is, the consequences of living in a multicultural environment.

But whatever each one of us are going through, tough times, troubles and problems, it doesn’t give us the power to stress other people with hurtful words. I have a friend who was recently bullied for being herself. She is the type who’s always silent unless you talk to her first, she has her own little world where she cave in and do her own thing. One fine regular day, a monkey came to visit her cave and bullied her for being so silent, that she doesn’t know how to mingle to others, that she has weird attitude. Those were mere words, but in her case, being new to Dubai, no friends, no family, being young and naive, those words were emotionally draining and hurting. Does judging the other person, just because she doesn’t please you, makes you any better than others? Does it makes you a billion richer to put others down? Of course not! Sometimes no matter how different a person is, she has her own struggles too and doesn’t give you any right to judge them, unless of course you are perfect!

This made me ponder and reflect that words are very powerful, it could either heal or hurt. So if there is nothing nice to say,


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