Love Letter to my Father

The pain of losing you is almost unbearable, I still couldn’t believe that you were gone. I still have vivid memories of your laugh, the way you sing karaoke songs which wakes me up at 6am and same sound that makes me sleep at night,  the way you call my name, the sound of your footsteps when you arrive home, the way you stare at me when I did something wrong.

When I was a child, you appear to me like a very strong person, you were very controlling not wanting any misbehavior from me and my two brothers. You were very protective and I used to hate that but little did I understand that that was for my own good. You taught us how to be independent, when every other home had a servant, we never had, when other children were playing as they want, I had to finish all my chores before going out, when other children can eat whatever they want, I just have to be thankful you provide food for us.

Many times we had arguments, many times that I failed you, yet you love unconditionally. I still regret its too late for me to say thank you. Too late for me to come home and take care of you during the last days of your life. Just too late to let you know how much I love you too.

The only sense of relief for me is to think that only your physical body has left us, but we know you are always near us and your memories will last forever. We will always love you Tatay, may your soul rest in peace.

High School Graduation

Me and my father during my high school graduation

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