Dressmaker’s Daughter





Being a dressmaker’s daughter, I have this passion for dresses. I could still remember when i used to watch my mother cut pieces of cloth and later on sew it  using her Singer brand manual sewing machine. Those days, there were no electric sewing machines yet, so my mother had to use her leg to run the machine, not quite an easy job but it all helped to augment the family income. Most of the customers  are family friends, they would come to our home bringing their own cloth, choose a dress style from an old magazine or from a drawing suggested by my mother. I could still remember that she slept late at night because she has some deadlines to meet to her customers, and I was there most of  the time to observe her, sometimes i help her sew the buttons. One day she accepted a bulk order for quilted pillow cases, thats when I came to the rescue, I learned how to use the sewing machine but sadly I never got the talent of cutting or designing patterns.

I had a custom made bag with my name on it, I had nice school uniforms, I had the best dress at school recognition and graduations, I had the best costume for dancing and other extra curricular activities all because my mother is a dressmaker.

As I grew up, the love for dresses grew with me too. I may not be a dressmaker, but a dress seller. Selling clothes online became more of a  hobby than a business. I feel delighted  receiving a mere notification that I sold a dress no matter how cheap the cost is. I feel joy in browsing different dresses online or by merely looking at the windows of shops in the malls. Indeed,  I’m a dressmaker’s daughter.

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