IRAN: A Kiss of Kish

It’s been a year! As I browse back to my old photos, I came across a folder “Kish- March 2013” and the memories of it seems worth to reminisce.

Unplanned, unexpected and never wanted but due to circumstances beyond my control, I have to fly to the beautiful island of Kish, Iran. I resigned from my previous company and the new company is still waiting for some approvals before they could issue my visa. At first, I was hesitant to travel there but I convinced myself to look into the positive side and enjoy the journey instead. This was my 2nd time to the island, the first one was just a night stay way back in 2008 for the same purpose “visa run”.

Kish being a free zone does not require foreign nationals to obtain a visa prior to arrival. Most travelers to this island came from UAE, the majority of which have visa issues like me. While waiting for my employment visa, I decided not to over think, instead explore and enjoy the island.

And so the journey began…

Upon arrival to the airport, all ladies were required to wear appropriate clothing (long sleeves, angkle length dress i.e. abaya and veil or hijab).


“Hijab” is a veil that covers the head and chest, which is particularly worn by a Muslim female.


The rial (in Persian: ریال; ISO 4217 code IRR) is the currency of Iran and, as of 2014, remains the world’s least valued currency unit. (Wikipedia)

This is one of the hotels in Kish Island however, we stayed in Venus Hotel which caters visitors from UAE waiting for their visas. Upon arrival to the airport, the hotel staff will take all our passports for safekeeping. They will return it to us upon presenting the new visa back to UAE and payment of the hotel dues. Normally, they require a deposit of at least 100 AED, daily hotel fees is 40 AED, yes its cheap but there are at least eight beds in one room and one toilet. But for a person who is out of budget its quite reasonable.


As I was traveling alone, I need to reach out to my fellow Filipinos and I was lucky to find new friends. They introduce me to their group of friends who were there for at least a week, we went to a Karaoke bar inside the hotel we’re staying and shisha huts just next to the hotel.

Almost everyday we were doing the same routine, sleeping all day and singing at the karaoke bar or having sisha at night. Whenever, somebody receives his/her visa, we made a small celebration just before he/she leaves.

Another thing is about the food in the hotel, sorry to say but it taste awful. Being resourceful, me and the girls cooked our own food inside our room secretly. We had a small rice cooker and we used it to cook egg, noodles, rice,etc. Taste better!


We also went to a shopping mall near the hotel and found some nice accessories, make up, clothes, etc. all at reasonable prices.


Venus Shopping Mall Kish Island


After few walks exploring the place,  we found a fastfood near the beach. My first taste of chicken, burger and pizza after few days of egg and noodles.


Fast Food Restaurant in Kish Island


The next day, me and my group of friends went for a picnic to the beach. We brought paper plates, barbecue chicken, softdrinks, rice and chips. The view was just perfect!


After a sun kissed skin at the beach, we went back to the hotel and planned for the next day’s adventure. We decided to go for Kish Island Tour, a small bus will pick us from the hotel and tour us to different places.







Oldest Tree in Kish Island (around 600 years old)





An ancient bath house  or hammam




The Greek Ship (Persian: کشتی یونانی‎) is the nickname of a cargo steamship, Khoula F, that has been beached on the southwest coast of Kish Island, Iran, since 1966.







Camel ride near the Greek ship



Night view at the park


It was a tiring day of roaming around, yet its worth the adventure. Next day, we slept all day and went for a stroll in the late afternoon. We were wondering why there were parades and music. We later on realized that they were celebrating Nowruz or the Persian New Year.



Parade in celebration of Norooz (Persian New Year)


Upon arrival at the hotel, I received an email that my visa was issued. So the next day, I presented my visa to the reception and checked out from the hotel. I hurried to Kish Airline office to book my flight as early as possible. I was excited to back for another new beginning, another career challenge.

Indeed, everything happens for a reason, I came to explore a new place of adventure and found new friends.

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