Dressmaker’s Daughter

Being a dressmaker's daughter, I have this passion for dresses. I could still remember when i used to watch my mother cut pieces of cloth and later on sew it  using her Singer brand manual sewing machine. Those days, there were no electric sewing machines yet, so my mother had to use her leg to … Continue reading Dressmaker’s Daughter

Love Letter to my Father

The pain of losing you is almost unbearable, I still couldn't believe that you were gone. I still have vivid memories of your laugh, the way you sing karaoke songs which wakes me up at 6am and same sound that makes me sleep at night,  the way you call my name, the sound of your footsteps … Continue reading Love Letter to my Father

Say Nothing At All

"Words can hurt or heal what did yours today?" In a beautiful city where the tallest building, the biggest mall, the most luxurious hotels, the most beautiful garden, the most amazing architectures and currently the winning bidder for Expo 2020, lives an average employee like myself. Like other Pinays and expats, we are enjoying the … Continue reading Say Nothing At All