What now?

What am i supposed to do?      When I don't have a choice But to let you go.. What am I supposed to do?      When moving on is easier Than continue loving you.. What am I supposed to do?      When I need to sacrifice self respect Just to keep you.. … Continue reading What now?


GEORGIA: Kazbegi Tour

Day 3 - Kazbegi Tour Our day started with an exciting drive, heading north along the Georgian Military Highway into the high Caucasus Mountains. This is the main road running for 220 km from Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz in Russia, a spectacular highway that winds its way through sheer mountains. This Route actually dates from before … Continue reading GEORGIA: Kazbegi Tour

GEORGIA: Kakheti Wine Tour

Day 2 - Kakheti Wine Tour We started our tour at The Monastery of St. Nino in Bodbe. In the 4th century, St Nino from Cappadocia adopted Georgia to Christianity (Georgia is one of the first Christian countries in the world, after Roman Empire and Armenia). We continued our tour in Sighnaghi (the city of love). It … Continue reading GEORGIA: Kakheti Wine Tour